Newborn Photoshoot Guide

Our Process


A baby who is in deep sleep guarantees that our session is a lot easier, less tiring and stressful for everyone. Before the shoot it is very important that you plan your time well - plan to feed the baby 2-3 hours prior the session and plan on feeding her as soon as you get to the studio. Also, please try not to let her sleep beforehand for the same 1-2 hours before the session so it comes to the sleeping time just after you feed upon the arrival. Instead of soothing the baby, let her fuss a little bit, try giving her a bath, let her kick with only a nappy or some light clothes on (make sure the room is warm enough), tickle her toes and play with her. This prep will ensure the baby falls asleep once you get get to the studio and feed there and that we get all those squishy, sleepy newborn pictures during your session in a shorter and stress free time. If the baby arrives after having slept for the last 2-3 hours there is a great chance we will need to wait for another 2 hours until the baby reaches her next sleeping cycle and do more wrapped shots than those in outfits or naked. Many parents keep saying that their baby sleeps all day only to have the baby awake during the session, since the baby will be unclothed and/or unwrapped and moved into different poses or from prop to prop. Different place, light, smell and sounds may also keep the baby more alert as this is how they learn about the new world they just came in. I therefore can't stress enough how it is so important to do your best to adjust the feeding/sleeping time before the session so we fit into the right sleeping cycle!


The session lasts between 2-3 hrs, sometimes longer if baby is a light sleeper, or is hungry and feeds longer or more often! The easiest way to ensure a sleepy baby is the willingness to feed off an on. A hungry baby will wake up when touched or moved from prop to prop. If the baby has settled to feed at any regular time already, I am afraid this will not happen on the day of the session as it is so different from home routine - the baby will be touched and moved continuously.<br /> If you are mixing breast and formula feeding, baby will feed better and will be full for longer if formula fed as formula milk makes them get full quicker and for longer than the breast. If the baby is breastfed only prepare to be patient and willing to top up a little bit more often than you would at home.<br /> If you are expressing or formula feeding, please bring more milk than you would normally do - during the session the baby would feed a lot more than usually due to the warm temperature in the room and due to being touched and moved all the time. With all respect please do not expect the baby to feed on schedule too as being a model is such a hard job and your little one will definitely need more top ups during the time of the session than they would normally do at home.<br /> There are many opinions but just in case if you breastfeed we ask to avoid certain foods, coffee and fizzy drinks a day or two before the session in case it upsets baby's tummy.


DUMMY<br /> Please bring a dummy too. Even if you have not used one before or are not planning to use one in the future, just for the 2-3 hours that I am posing some sucking usually really helps the baby to settle and to fall back to sleep. It also reduces the number of milk ``top ups`` the baby needs during the session. Using the dummy for only few minutes while I am posing won't really make the baby get used to it or refuse breastfeeding.<br /> WARMTH<br /> If you are coming to my studio please note that the temperature will be really warm for the baby to be comfortable. Due to this, I come dressed comfortably for a warm few hours and suggest you do too! Babies are used to body temperature of around +37 and will need all the warmth for the naked shots.

CREAMS and OILS, other<br /> Please do not use any oils or creams just before the session as it may make baby's skin look too oily and shiny in the images. Please also do not have the baby wear tight socks as they tend to leave marks on their ankles and will show in the pictures. Please ensure the baby is bathed and clean for the session, that baby's eyes are clean and that you have some sterile wipes to clean them during the session if needed. Please have a change of clothes for yourself in case an accident happens when the baby is handled naked.<br /> SNACKS<br /> Do not hesitate to bring some snacks for yourself in case you get hungry during the session or a movie on your phone if you get bored. Ie instead of sitting at a warm studio for 3 hours and getting bored.<br /> PARENTS<br /> Mum & Dad, you are a big if not the biggest part of the photo shoot too! Photographing the connection between you and your baby even if only for your own album is so special and important. Just as they encourage in the hospital skin to skin contact creates the most beautiful images. For this reason it is advised to keep as much naked body shown in the picture as possible (short sleeves, sleeveless tops or shirtless shots (for Dads)).<br /> Dads, if you prefer not to be shirtless (skin to skin images) it is best if you have a tight fitting v-neck T-shirt to wear with a pair of jeans. Light, cream or white colours and simple design will work best. If you choose dark backdrops for your images you can wear brown or black.</p> <p>Mums, keep the colour neutral and designs simple. Have your skin showing where possible (arms, neck). Don't worry if you cannot find anything plain and simple, I have plenty of baby wraps which can be used around your waist as a top too. Do not forget to do your nails as your hands will make their way into the images... Simple make up and eyelashes will not go unnoticed too :)<br /> SIBLINGS<br /> Keep the colour natural and design simple for the sister and have jeans and simple white/cream colour T-shirt for brother. We can use baby wraps to make a top for the girls too and little boys can be shirtless in their jeans only.


Children DO NOT OWE us any images and we cannot possibly expect them to behave as professional models during the photo shoot if they do not want to. I normally try to do all I can to capture some sibling images at the beginning and/or the end of the session but I never force them to do anything what they are not up to and expect you not to do so too. Please bring some toys or comforters or sweets if you think they might help to capture the shot! Because Mums know best, please feel free to discuss the younger siblings/newborn images in advance as I am more than eager to make this stress free and doable. As the last try we can always attempt this as a certain composite when a baby and siblings are photographed separately and put into one image later.</p> <p>OTHER PEOPLE<br /> With all respect and with the exception of Mum and Dad we ask that only the people that have their pictures taken during the session (clients) are present at the studio and only at the time when it is their turn. This is required by our Insurance and Safety Regulations. It also ensures less noise and distractions for the newborn and allows the photographer concentrate on their work and the safety of the newborn during the session. This excludes other adults like aunty, grandma or anyone else who is their to help the Mum especially if she is still not able to move too much after the birth and is coming to the session on her own.