Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Why choose Carina Crolla Photography?

Anyone can take a photo, right? Well yes but would you pay for someone who has very little knowledge or experience to build you an extension on your house or fix your car because it was cheap or convenient? Probably not.

I’ve been photographing babies and children for over 10 years and cared for them in a private day nursery setting for a period of time so have extensive experience and knowledge on newborn safety, settling techniques, how to pose newborns and babies, the use of props and accessories, and I use photoshop to fix any blemishes or imperfections afterwards.  

All my products are of the highest standard of quality and my framed wall art pieces are all hand made from start to finish to ensure a bespoke service every time.

What kind of photoshoots do you do?


Best done between 3-16 days old when they are still super sleepy and curled up to get the best out of your newborn’s photoshoot


Sitter sessions

This is for babies who can sit unaided without any help(usually from 6 months onwards), a choice of backdrops, props accessories and lighting styles are available


Individual portraits

Children up to 12 years old and a choice of backdrops, props and lighting styles is available


Cake smash sessions

Includes a regular photoshoot with a different backdrop right before the cake smash begins, choice of backdrops, props, accessories and decorations included


Fine art sessions

For children aged 4 – 18 years old. This is a more artistic classic approach to portraits and I have my own unique style which gains quite a lot of attention. Adult and family fine art photoshoots also welcomed.

When do I need to book a session?

For a newborn photoshoot bookings ideally, need to be made a few weeks before the due date. Newborn sessions need a half a day slot reserving so this needs to be done in advance to avoid disappointment. We all know babies don’t often arrive on time, and this is taken into consideration. If the baby arrives earlier or later then an alternate date can be arranged if the client lets me know as soon as possible.   The session itself is usually provisionally booked for around 1 week after the due date.

For older babies and children at least 2 weeks notice to book is ideal, earlier if possible in case my workload is heavy, although sometimes if I’m having a quiet week it’s not impossible to find a last minute slot become available if booking in advance is not possible or it’s a last minute/unexpected decision.

What can I expect during the photoshoot?

For newborn photoshoots don’t expect an easy ride or a “snap snap” and your done kind of experience. Newborn sessions are the most time consuming of all so expect to be with me from anywhere between 3-4 hours.  Most of that time is spent settling the baby into a deep sleep, feeding or changing the baby. In some cases, it can take an hour to get the baby into a deep sleep and I’ll take a few shots and when I come to put them into a different pose they then may wake up bit grumpy and the whole process starts again. Every baby is different though. Some are easier to settle than others but this is totally normal and some something I’m very used to so fear not. 

In order to help keep the baby as sleepy and settled as possible once undressed, I have the temperature in the room pretty warm, perfect for them but very sweaty for any adults in the room (especially in warmer months )so its best to dress lightly or wear layers you can take off.

A variety of backdrops, props, accessories and lighting styles are used throughout the session and different poses to create a variety of different images. If you have any preferences or have seen an image you’d like me to recreate please let me know in advance.

For Sitter’s sessions (6 months old onwards) and children, The session usually lasts around 1 hour max. Any longer and they will get bored and upset/restless. I work quickly to get the best out of the session for this reason.

How can I prepare for a photoshoot?

Unless you live no more than 10-15 minutes away from the studio please try not to feed your newborn before coming to the session. I will give you space and time to feed the baby and soothe them to sleep once you arrive. The reason this works best is is that if you feed your baby before you come they will start their sleep cycle they are in their car seat and we want them to do that in the studio.

Dress them in clothes that as easy to take off and not too many layers. Also, a bath for them before you come is an added bonus as it will keep the baby awake for a period of time so they are ready for a long sleep when they arrive.

With sitters (babies 6 months+) Try to schedule your session after a nap (if they have one) or after they have filled their bellies. A tired and/or hungry baby or toddler will show through on the photos, smiles are harder to get and tears are inevitable.

Do I need to bring anything?

For newborn photoshoots please bring:



Even if your baby doesn’t use it, or own one as it helps massively to settle a baby to get the perfect shot. Even if your baby won’t really take to a dummy please bring one along to the session anyway. I don’t always use it but in some cases, its been a lifesaver to help settle a fussy baby and I never photograph the baby with their dummy in.  If you do not plan on using a dummy back home please be assured that babies don’t get attached to them after the session as they are used minimally.


Extra bottles of milk

I’ve had babies drink more than their usual amount of milk during a session, so its always best to be prepared just in case.



Lots of them. I had a baby who went through 6 nappies during her session. Some shots the nappy is on, some they are off. Sometimes they poop or wet their nappy sometimes they poop or pee on me and my blankets. DO NOT WORRY if this happens, they ALL do it and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Everything that i lay a naked baby on is washable in case of an accident.


Snacks and drinks

Due to the length of time the sessions take its always wise to bring a bite to eat and a drink in case you get hungry or thirsty, There is a kettle for hot drink supplies which you can help yourself to whilst I’m busy photographing.


For sitter (babies 6 months+) and children please bring; 


Juice & non messy snacks

In case they need a break or some encouragement to continue with a session. Perhaps a favourite toy or comforter?


change of outfit

Feel free to bring a change of outfit also, if you’re unsure what clothing to bring Im happy to discuss this with you and give you ideas before you visit.

Do you work weekends?

Unfortunately I don’t work weekends. On rare occasions where a weekend booking is required an £50 additional fee is required to open up the studio out of hours.

Do you do Modelling portfolios and headshots?

Yes I do. I offer simple white background images for starter portfolios for babies and children. These are priced from £199 with 10 images.

Do you offer payment plans?

Not as standard but on purchases of £1000 or more I can offer a split payment over 3 months

How long do you store images for?

I only store purchased images and these are kept for 12 months should you require extra prints or additional wall art

I have a £100 credit voucher towards wall art. How long are they valid for from the date of receiving it?

30 days

Can i bring friends or family (apart from mum or dad) along to the photoshoot?

Only friends or family members who are participating or helping to assist with any young children or babies, or mothers requiring assistance after a C section for instance are allowed in the studio as too many people in the studio can create health and safety issues.

Do you travel and do photoshoots at clients homes?

No. My studio is equipped with everything i need to ensure the best creative set ups with a vast variety of props, backdrops, studio lighting and accessories at my finger tips.

Do I have to buy the images?

Not at all. There is no obligation to buy if you do not like any of your images

Jess Butt

Absolutely loved having my little girls photos done when she was around 8 months with Carina! She was so good with her and kept her entertained the whole time. Would 100% recommend her and I have done to all my friends, just wish I’d have got a new born shoot done if I’d have know about her earlier 💜 photos were amazing quality and were really fast getting them all ready to view xxxx

Ebony Foley

Carina is amazing! We haven’t even been to view our finished images yet but I just know they are going to be beautiful! She is super friendly & easy to talk with, she did a amazing job at soothing my baby to sleep and keeping her settled throughout the shoot so that she could get the perfect pictures of her. The props, backgrounds and little headbands were just beautiful. I really hope that you start selling the headbands as they were amazing and I NEED them all for my little girly, Cant wait to come back &’see our finished pictures & we will definitely be retiring in the future

Pati Olearnik

Went in a little late as my baby was born early and still managed to book us in which I was very pleased about.... the whole session itself was such a pleasant experience not just for baby Mia but for us as parents also we got offered a hot drink and been chatted away by Carina felt welcome the whole time being there warm and joyful atmosphere in the studio loved every minute of it had a right laugh and when it come to the pictures couldn’t of recommended a better person so gentle with the babies and photos come out looking gorgeous I can’t thank you enough we love them soo much worth every penny will be coming back soon